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Welcome to JHN Databases.

JHN DatabasesV1.0 is a comprehensive database for JHN mutant genomic variation and phenotype. It provides curated information of 102,816 genomic variations from sequencing data of 343 JHN mutant accessions ( 10 WGS and 333 ddRAD-seq ) and 16 phenotype trail from 283 JHN mutant accessions. These variations were identified using GATK software based on the assembly Os-Nipponbare-Reference-IRGSP-1.0.

Data Source

Phenotype Information Table :

Note: -9 means missing value.

Name Name2 set_code M heat%SS cold%SS salt(repro)%SS male_sterile%SS Irondensity_2000-1-2 Iron_toxic_2000-1-2 phytate_ug/ml Stomata_density Stomata_Size Amylose Submergence%PSS Water_stress_T %Recovery Blast HighYield Aroma Bph